The Essence of The Swede

Hello ! I´m back!. Just found this hilarious little movie. Enjoy! Long life to the Swedes!


Not that rosty a place

One of the things I like is still to discover new things or new places in Stockholm, like this wonderful little cafe 10 minutes walk from my home. So cozy and warm and very nice staff. I even wonder if I’m gonna give you the name of the place. Just the name, then. It’s on one of the pics.

Here are some pics, just to give you an idea. If you happen to be in Södermalm and find it, well done and enjoy!








All My Life is About Cancer

Yesterday I was at the vernissage of BARN DOM exhibition organised by Barncancerfonden and Fotografiska.  My mission: photographing everything and especially when the Queen came and opened the exhibition.

All the pictures were taken by young people who recovered from cancer or still are under treatment and tell about how cancer has en effect on their life. It was really impressing to see their work!

If you´re happen to be in the area, go to the second floor and have a look.

If you want to know more about André, read his interview in Barn&Cancer magazine

André Idegård and Queen Silvia

Anna Sara Stavmark chatting with the queen


Here is the link to SVT news:


Testing Twitter Mosaic

I just found this cool app, a Twitter mosaic. Klick here if you want to do your own.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Hello !
It´s me again. For those who live in Sweden and do not understand Swedish, this is for you.

Give with joy !
Million of thanks


Help Support Barncancerfonden with Give Hope

Barncancerfonden means Childhood Cancer Foundation. I just started my internship there and I am sooo glad for it. The best place ever if you want to know more about a non-profit organization. I have been here  for only a week, but I feel that I am at the right place. Those next weeks are going to be more and more exciting and instructive. Moreover, I have lovely collegues.

I will tell you more about my job here, but I just wanted to start by showing you this little trailer about the Give Hope. The campain is meant to encourage people by giving something either to a sick child or to anybody who needs help and support.

I just bought a gift voucher and 24 kronor of the amount I paid went directly to the foundation. Isn´t it awesome?

So, if you lack inspiraton. Don´t know what to buy for a birthday present for instance, go to Give Hope webshop. It´s an order!

Discover Madagascar

It finally happened !

The very last project I was working on was launched last Wednesday. My very first homemade webpage called Upptäck Madagaskar, which means “discover Madagascar”. I have been thinking of doing something related to Madagascar for a long time, besides my blog, and I finally got the opportunity and the precious help of two of my classmates Gabriel Gök and Christoffer Kindstedt. The website is in Swedish, but there is a google translate button for the English version. I know,it is not the most reliable, but it´s better than nothing.

So, if you are curious and willing to learn even more on Madagascar, pay me a visit! And if you like it, like it on Facebook and spread the good news.

Veloma !

Are There Any Swedes Out There?


I´m still alive. The reason why you have not heard of me is not due to a high level of laziness. On the contrary…I´m working too hard and even if I had two weeks vacation, well I did not really take a rest.

I am just working on a big project which needs all my attention and energy right now…and by the way I would like to make an announcement.

If there are any Swedes reading me, and Swedes who have travelled in Madagascar, WRITE TO ME PLEASE !

I need all the testomonies of people who have been there.

Or if you know people who know people who know people who´ve been in Madagascar, let me know !

Thank you for your help !

Hope to reading from you.

Best of the best regards.

I´m back ! Well, just wanted to show you the very first film I ever ever made. I´m just a beginner so please be merciful.

Liv Tyler sings “Need You Tonight” for Givenchy

I think I told you in a precedent post that I was doing my internship at a French company named Das Netz. One of my several missions was to help promote two fashion companies by sending two videos to the most important fashion, beauty and music bloggers of Sweden. The first one was made for the launching of Givenchy´s perfume Very Irrésistible.



Here you can hear Liv Tyler´s own reinterpretation of the hit single Need You Tonight of INXS. Directed by Johan Renck.

Great actress, Great Singer




About Liv Tyler:

Liv Tyler about Very Irresistible:


Need You Tonight :

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